TLH Classic Pork x 6


We work with small farmers who produce the finest meat in Britain. This is the kind of product you can only find in the best restaurants; the only kind of meat we should be eating and we are excited to share it with you at home. We also add organic leeks, cabbage, ginger and garlic. You’ll find them all over Asia made just this way, and there are a few tasty ways to prepare them. 

If you’re steaming the dumplings, try some white soy, dashi vinegar and sesame oil. If you’re frying them, do the same, but also try some Yuzu Kosho to accompany. Drink with Juicy reds, orange wines or cold beer.

These can be steamed in a bamboo steamer (not supplied) or fried in a pan.

Allergens – Pork, Alliums, Gluten, SO2

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